Therapy for the burnt-out, anxiety induced generation.

Work through your feelings of burnout, anxiety, comparison-filled thoughts and social anxiety struggles.

My approach includes a laid back, challenging way of calling you out while being compassionate. You deserve to rip off the band-aids, have a therapist who gets it, and helps you figure it all out. 


Let's face it, this time in our lives is confusing enough. 



My Approach

Working through the stuck and past hurts in your life has been too much to take on. Therapy in this era shouldn't be! I am genuine in the way I do therapy with my clients, and believe that the old ways of therapy no longer work for us anymore. Yes, Freud got us so far, but now we need to take therapy deeper.



to go or travel across or over
to move or pass along or through
a hill or mountain where traversing is necessary. 


“The best way out is always through” - Robert Frost